Signs You Might Need Your Brakes Replaced

Signs You Might Need Your Brakes Replaced

Your brakes are hugely important when you’re driving. They stop your car and can help you avoid an accident. You want to make sure your brakes are in great working condition because good brakes and bad brakes can be the difference between an accident and no accident.

If your brakes are in good working condition they can add feet and seconds to your stop time which may mean that you get in an accident. It’s important to make sure you pay attention to the signs of brake wear. Here are some signs that you need new brakes.

Take a look
Take a look at your brake pads through the space in between the spokes of your rims. You should see a pad pressed up to a metal rotor. You want to see at least a quarter-inch of the pad. If you see less than that it might be time to get your brakes checked.

Do you hear a higher pitched sound every time you brakes? That means the pads have worn down and your car is trying to tell you it’s time to replace the brakes. It’s a built-in warning signal so you know that you should get your brakes checked.

Reduced responsiveness

If you notice that your brakes are not responding like they used to, and it’s taking longer to stop then your brakes have worn down. Another sign is if the pedal seems to sink towards the floor. This may be a sign of a leak in the braking system.

If your vehicle seems to drift towards one side when you’re braking it could be a sign that the brake lining is wearing unevenly or that there is something in the brake fluid. It’s a good indicator that you should bring your vehicle in for inspection.

If you feel your brake pedal pulsating or vibrating it can be a sign of warped rotors. You can also mean that your car is simply out of alignment. It could be a similar vibration as when you have to make a short stop in a panic situation.

If you notice any of these symptoms it’s always best to bring your car in. Your brakes aren’t something you want to mess with. They’re there to keep you safe, and you want to make sure they work properly so they can do their job.


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