How Long Does an Exhaust System Hanger Last?

How Long Does an Exhaust System Hanger Last?
Besides the brakes on your vehicle, one of the things that can go wrong in your vehicle is the exhaust system. The exhaust system is located at the very bottom of the engine and it’s closest to the road. So it’s likely to take damage when you accidentally run over that pesky curb.

What is an Exhaust Hanger?
Luckily for vehicle owners, there is a component of the exhaust system called the “exhaust hanger.” The exhaust hanger is comprised of a series of rubber mounts that are screwed into the vehicle’s body to keep the exhaust pipe in place. This prevents the exhaust pipe from scraping along the ground.

Once you learn those components are there to keep the exhaust pipe in place, you may begin to start wondering how long that component will last? Will you have to continually replace the part? The truth of the matter is – it is somewhere in between.

Exhaust hangers wear down over time. As the vehicle hits more bumps in the road, the exhaust pipes will continue to move more-and-more. As it continues to move over time, the exhaust hangers will no longer be able to hold the pipes. When it can no longer hold the pipes in place, the hanger will fail, finally causing that exhaust pipe to scrape across the ground.

Ultimately, the exhaust hanger can last for years. It can last longer than 10 years for vehicles that travel over mostly flat surfaces and shorter for those driving on bumpier roads.

You should regularly inspect them. However, inspecting the actual components of the hanger can be difficult. Instead, you should just eyeball the exhaust pipes. If your exhaust pipe is hanging closer to the ground than usual, or you can see a space between the notch where the exhaust pipe fits and the pipe itself, the hanger is probably wearing out. If the vehicle has two tailpipes, check to make sure they are level or nearly-level as this can be another sign.

If you think that the hanger is on its way out, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. Once they wear out, it can cause other parts to fail, and those other parts—notably the exhaust pipes—will cost far more to replace.

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