What’s The Deal Behind Brake Grinding and Squealing?

What’s The Deal Behind Brake Grinding and Squealing?

From the time of the Model T, vehicles have communicated certain messages to their drivers. Whether it is the breeze in your hair while driving down the open road signaling freedom or the sharp lines of a Lamborghini signaling speed, we as a people have developed an entire cultural language to communicate together with automobiles.

Yet, the automobile may not always be communicating good things. Vehicle’s will emit so many signs to warn the driver that something is wrong! So listening and paying attention will keep the driver safe and the car running smoothly.

One of the most common sounds is squealing or grinding brakes. When this happens, it is pretty obvious that something is wrong. But what?

Brake Squealing
We can begin with brakes squealing, which indicates a problem with the brake pad itself. This noise means that the material that comprises the brake pad has worn down and it needs to be replaced. The squeal is the brake without that material slowing down the car.

Brake Grinding
Grinding brakes can indicate that the brake pads have completely worn down to the metal plate upon which the pads sits. This means that now metal is grinding against metal. The more the metal rubs together, the greater the risk to the rest of the brake as that metal wears down other components like the brake discs and brake rotors.

Why These Are Problems For Your Car
Both of these can be problematic for your vehicle, but one can be ignored for a bit longer than the other. If the brake is squealing, that means that you should get them replaced but it isn’t an emergency. In fact, over time as the brake pads continue to wear down, the squeal will grow louder, at times shifting into a grinding noise as that pad is completely worn away. By that time, however, you should have become so annoyed at the sound that you get them replaced regardless.

If you are hearing a grinding noise when braking, you need to get the vehicle into a brake specialist ASAP. As the grinding continues, more of the brake components wear away. This risks your safety and makes a dent in your pocketbook. Grinding will cause other components to break down, forcing you to pay more-and-more money to get them replaced.

Unless you know your way around a vehicle, don’t change the brakes on your own. There could be other problems that you did not realize were occurring and you will need an expert on hand.

Contact The Experts at South Park Service Center for Brake Repair in Morgantown, WV
At South Park Service Center , we urge every client to promptly schedule a brake inspection appointment should they begin to hear unusual sounds or experience issues. If you are concerned that your vehicle’s brakes might fail or it has been more than 5 months since you last had your brake pads checked, contact South Park Service Center today! Call (304) 292-4390. Don’t risk your safety or the safety of others – call for a brake repair now!

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