Signs to Look for When it Comes to Muffler Replacement

Signs to Look for When it Comes to Muffler Replacement

Do you think that your muffler needs to be replaced? Maybe your vehicle is making funny noises, or it isn’t regulating the engine temperature? Or maybe it’s dragging along the ground, blowing up sparks each morning on your way to work. Either way, what are the signs you should look out for when the muffler needs to be replaced?

What Does Your Muffler Do?

First though, what does a muffler do, and why should you get it replaced if you think there is a problem? The muffler is one of the primary parts of the engine’s exhaust system, playing a key role in reducing the noise the normal exhaust process creates when working correctly.

In turn, if the muffler is breaking down, it can cause problems for the vehicle that can be both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. More importantly though, if the defective part isn’t replaced, it can continue causing other problems that will cost you even more.

What’s That Noise?

The most common sign that something is wrong with the muffler is the noise. A failing muffler will necessarily make your car louder than normal. Some noises can show that the muffler is either failing or it has come loose. The most common noise is a rattling sound.

Is it Dripping? What Does That Mean?

The next common sign of a failing muffler is water dripping from it. While a little bit of moisture dripping from the muffler is fine, if there is enough to form a puddle, you need to get the muffler checked out. Moreover, if water is coming out of multiple locations of the muffler, you need to get it replaced.

Engine’s Too Hot

A third common sign of a failing muffler is that it can cause the engine’s temperature to run too high. In this case, it can run high over longer periods of run-time. If you think it is breaking down, simply turn your car on and let it run for a few minutes. If the temperature is unusually high, this is a sign the muffler has gone bad.

It has to be remembered that most dealerships and mechanics do not include muffler inspection and replacement as part of the normal check-up.

This means that you may have to check out the muffler yourself, using a jack to get a good look at it and see if there are leaks or rust spots. If you even suspect that your muffler is bad, take it to a mechanic or muffler expert to get it checked out before you have to pay more money for the other problems it causes!

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