Common Reasons Your Car May Be Shaking

So you’re driving down the road and begin to notice a little shake that your car is doing. It wasn’t there yesterday, but it really isn’t that big of a shake. Maybe it’s the road, you think, ignoring it.

The next morning the shake has returned, and with a growing vengeance. Now it is really noticeable and you start to get nervous. Is there something wrong with your car? Is it something you can ignore for a while and take the car in later?

While there are numerous reasons that the vehicle may be shaking, some of these are warning you of a severe problem while others can be ignored for a while. One thing that you can do first is when the shake starts, try to figure out where the shaking is emanating from on your vehicle. This can save you the headache of trying to figure out where on the vehicle something is going wrong.

Engine Issues
A common location that the shaking can come from is the engine. This “shaking” can come in many different forms, but the primary feelings are a jerking when accelerating, feeling like you are driving over rumble strips, or begins to shake in a certain speed while it is fine in others. There are numerous reasons for this shaking, including faulty spark plugs, clogged filters or, even more problematic, something wrong with the transmission.

Brake Problems
The next common cause of a shaking car is a problem with the brakes. If the car shakes when you brake, there is most likely a problem with the brake rotors. The rotor is the silver part of the brake system that are squeezed by the calipers and brake pads to stop the car. When these are warped in any way, the brake pads and calipers don’t apply to the rotors, leaving the car shaking when you brake.

Tires Could be a Factor
The most common problem that can result in a shaky vehicle is a problem with the tires. Tire problems can lead to a wide host of different shakes that can be felt. For example, if the car begins to shake at certain speeds, the tires need to be balanced. Other times, it is a mixture of a problem with the tire and the wheel, a problem that occurs most commonly when hitting potholes.

If your car is shaking while it is either driving or stopped, you should take it in to a mechanic to get it checked out. As can be seen by these common causes, there are numerous reasons that your vehicle can be checking. Keep yourself and your vehicle safe and in good maintenance!

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