How To Restore Your Headlamps

Do you want to stay safe on the road and enjoy your car? One useful action to undertake is to clean or replace your headlights. Here are some tips to keep those lights bright for you to keep on driving.

The first thing you should do is, of course, clean the headlights. Try first with simply wiping away the grime that builds up with a wet paper towel. This can remove a lot of detritus that builds up with driving and can brighten your lights with little work.

Another action that has become popular recently is using sandpaper—sticking with the less-gritty, 400 grit sandpaper—and electrical tape to clean the outside of the lights without having to take them off. Use a spray bottle to get both the light and sandpaper wet and make alternating vertical and horizontal movements. Next, move up to steadier gritty sandpaper to remove detritus that is deeply stuck in the light.

Yet another trick that has been floating around the internet and has been surprisingly useful is using paste-based toothpaste—not gel. The grittier the better. Put the paste on an old toothbrush and scrub it into the lights. Next, take a squirt bottle with warm water and spray the lights, using either a rag or paper towel to wipe off the paste.

Though there are other methods to clean your headlights, there are also important actions you should take when actually cleaning the lights. First: take tape that you usually use to keep paint away from the floors or the ceiling and wrap the lights in it. This will keep the cleaning chemicals from coming into contact with the car body—these chemicals can often strip the paint and cause rust, turning an attempt to clean some lights into a problem with your car’s body that will cost much more money!

Some important, last moment things need to be remembered. First, one round of trying any of these tactics may not totally clean your lights. Keep using these techniques until they are as clean as you would like! Another thing to remember is that, though it may not seem like it, lights can get dirty on the inside. Try removing the lights and cleaning the inside as well: if you do this, be careful to not chip the paint when removing the light!

Finally, add some wax to the clean light to make sure it stays clean for longer. This wax can be found in most convenience and auto body stores. Stay patient, work hard, and good luck!


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