Tips For Driving in The Rain This April

Tips For Driving in The Rain This April
Unless you happen to live in the deserts of the Southwest, you will have to drive in the rain at some point. Even if you are on flat roads, driving in the rain can prove dangerous; it can be doubly so in hilly or mountainous areas. So how do you stay safe when driving in rainy weather?

The first thing that has to be stated is that roads that are wet—whether it is due to rain or melting snow and/or ice—are exceedingly dangerous. Driving a vehicle is already dangerous, but when you add slippery conditions to the mix, driving can truly be hazardous.

With that in mind, the most important action you can take is to slow down to have better control over your car. In these weather conditions, hydroplaning becomes particularly dangerous, in which the tires begin to slip across the road out of control. Slowing down prevents hydroplaning.

Next, turn your lights on! Other drivers need to be able to see you, be it for passing, staying behind, or driving in the opposite direction on a two-way road. On top of this, many states require you turn the lights on in weather conditions that reduce visibility, including rain and cloudy weather.

Finally, to drive safely while it is raining you should leave more space between yourself and the car in front of you. This provides more time and space to stop if the car ahead of you stops quickly.

One of the most dangerous road conditions, however, is directly after it rains. It is a strange trend that many people will resume normal speed—or go faster than the speed limit—right after it rains. This is extremely dangerous and you shouldn’t go faster. It is at this point that oils begin to mix with the water still on the road, making the road even slicker than usual.

Moreover, if you do happen to find yourself hydroplaning, do not panic and yank the steering wheel in the opposite direction you are sliding. This can cause your car to go out of control and possibly flip, either of which can severely injure or kill you. Instead, turn the steering wheel in the same direction your car is sliding until it comes under control, then straighten it out. This can save your life!

Rain can be dangerous. But mixing the technology we have today with caution will keep you safe!


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