The 411 on Wheel Alignments

Your car is a master machine! But what happens when that master machine wants to suddenly go a little to the left all the time? Are you destined to hold your steering wheel slightly (or more) off so that you can drive straight down the road? You shouldn’t have to! The wheel alignment on your car should keep you going the way you need and want to go!

When all four of your tires are in sync, you should be right on track and straight as an arrow. Or for another cliché, driving down the straight and narrow.

Wheel alignments actually have more to do with where you are on the road. If you don’t have your tires aligned you can end up with early or uneven wear, which means that you’ll have to replace them sooner than usual.

While many wheel alignments used to be done by sight, most are now done with an incredible machine in your mechanic’s shop. They drive your vehicle up on an alignment rack where sensors and lasers are used to determine the current alignment, where it is off and what needs to be improved. This allows the technician to compare the different angles of your alignment:

  • Camber
  • Caster
  • Toe
  • These areas are then compared and adjusted to the vehicle’s manufacturer’s settings. Another benefit of an alignment is that the technician will be taking a close look at your vehicle’s suspension and can let you know if they spot any early problems or trouble areas.

    Some shops offer limited time of lifetime warranties on your alignment. Check to see if these are worth it to you as sometimes a jolt from a pothole or other problems on the road can move your alignment out of place.

    How do you know if you need an alignment?

  • Are your tires wearing unevenly?
  • Is your vehicle pulling to the left or the right?
  • Do you feel vibration in the steering wheel?
  • Is your steering wheel crooked when you are driving? Up is not completely up, but off to one side?
  • All of these items point to needing a wheel alignment. Come in and get your wheel alignment taken care of.

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