8 Signs Your Auto A/C is Kicking The Bucket

It’s springtime – which means summer is on it’s way! Staying cool in Morgantown, West Virginia or any place really is a big concern. The heat in your car can be unbearable in the summertime and the springtime too! So you know that you need that air conditioner working at a brisk pace – regularly blowing out that cold, cold air.

With temperatures getting ready to rise, make sure you’re air conditioning doesn’t need to be repaired.

Here’s ten warning signs that your auto a/c is about to kick the bucket.
#1 Your a/c isn’t cooling as well as it should be. The first sign you have an issue is that your auto a/c isn’t blowing as cold as it used to do. This is a sign that it is starting to fail.

#2 Your a/c is more than nine years old. Over time, things break and need to be replaced or recharged. It’s just another sign that you’re a/c’s time is coming to an end.

#3 You’ve had one or more major repair in the last three years. When you’ve had a bit repair job done on your auto a/c repair, sometimes it’s just time to realize that you need a new system.

#4 Your mechanic says that your system is running on its last leg. Your repair technician knows what he or she is talking about. Trust their advice and get you’re a/c repaired or replaced.

#5 The a/c system starts and stops working for no apparent reason. One of these times, it will stop working for good.

#6 It takes too long to cool down your vehicle. When your air conditioning system just can’t keep up with the demand, you know that it’s getting closer to needing to be replaced.

#7 It’s starting to get loud. If you can hear noise that isn’t normal for the a/c, that means there’s a problem. And that problem isn’t likely to get better all on its own. It’s likely to get worse.

#8 It has a strange smell. Air conditioners shouldn’t have a weird smell every time you turn them on. These types of smells are something that you definitely want to get checked out.

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If you start seeing any of these signs we listed above then it’s time you get your Auto A/C looked at and repaired! Contact us today to schedule an appointment and keep cool this summer!


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