Things You Can Do At Home In-Between Oil Changes

Things You Can Do At Home In-Between Oil Changes
You’ve just had the oil changed. Pat yourself on the back and know that you are taking care of one of the most important fluids that your car has. By changing your oil consistently, you are preventing major mechanical problems down the road. But what can you do at home in between your oil changes? Plenty! Here’s some maintenance tips you can easily do to keep your car or truck running in tip top shape.

#1 Put air in your tires

Your tires need love too! One thing you can do between oil changes is make sure that each tire has the right amount of air pressure. You can use a compressor at home or use one at a filling station. Make sure that you accurately gauge the right amount of air with a tool and don’t just use your eyes. It’s impossible to know if you have too much air without the proper measurements. And while you’re at it, add air to the spare tire as well.

#2 Rotate your tires
While you have tires on your mind, rotate them to be able to get the best amount of even wear. Rotate through your spare so that you wear all five tires evenly.

#3 Check your air filter

The air filter is one of the easiest filters to check, clean and replace. If you have a normal air filter, inspect it for damage and dirt. Use compressed air to clean off any remaining dirt and debris. If it is really bad, you can replace it with a new air filter of your choice. Another option is to purchase a cleanable air filter such as one from K & N. This helps extend the life of the filter and can save you money down the road.

#4 Get your car detailed
If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, take your car in to get detailed in between oil changes. Use a wax or protectant that will keep your paint protected and shiny. The look and feel of your vehicle will improve with some simple cleaning. This helps your resale value and helps you feel even better about your vehicle. Go the extra mile and add some tire shine.

There’s lots you can do to improve your ride at home in between oil changes. Take some time this weekend to improve and do some car maintenance and when its time to get your vehicles oil changed look no further than South Park Service Center in Morgantown, WV! We will make sure you are satisfied with your service! Contact us today!


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