7 Facts You Never Knew About Transmission Replacement

7 Facts You Never Knew About Transmission Replacement
Your car takes you where you want to go. That’s it. You don’t know a whole lot about the mechanical magic that goes on underneath the hood. But when you have a problem, that’s when you know that you need to know a little bit more. Here’s seven facts that you never knew about transmission replacement.

Transmission Replacement Facts
#1 Your automatic transmission fluid should be checked and serviced at regular intervals. You know what’s coming next – check your owner’s manual. But as a rough estimation, you should change the fluid and the filter about every three years or 36,000 miles, based on which one happens first.

#2 If your transmission is leaking fluid, this is its cry for help! Transmission fluid is meant to stay in the transmission. If you have a leak, you should get your transmission inspected right away. Come in for a free estimate on the problem and cost of the transmission repair.

#3 Heat is not your friend. Excessive heat can cause premature problems in your transmission. Heat results from having heavy loads or trailering something that is too heavy for your vehicle. Other heat problems come from problems with the cooling system. The point of the cooling system is to keep the transmission at optimum temperature.

#4 If you smell a weird smell, you know that something is wrong. We tend to discount our own thoughts and senses about driving a car. We know when something is off. Those are also signs that we need to get our transmission repaired or looked at sooner than later. By ignoring the signs, we may simply increase our repair costs.

#5 Not everything has to be replaced. When you need a transmission repair, typically one item has failed or the grouping of items it connects to or works with. You may not need to have your entire transmission replaced.

#6 Transmissions don’t need tune ups. Because all newer transmissions are controlled by your computer, there’s no calibration to be done. When people talk about a transmission tune up they are usually referring to replacing the fluid and filter.

#7 Your transmission repair will be faster than you think. With a full overhaul on a transmission, it will take a few days. Because the labor on this type of job can range from 11-16 hours, you can expect that your car will be there for a week or so.

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