Eliminate Your Fears About Getting A Road Side Flat Tire
 Road Side Flat Tire

Eliminate Your Fears About Getting A Road Side Flat Tire
Road Side Flat Tire
You are driving down the road and then you feel something is wrong. Off. Seriously wrong. Make your way to the side, the exit, the sidewalk slowly and safely. You’ve got a road side flat tire. If you’ve had it happen to you before, you know that while it can be a scary thing, it also is something that it easily dealt with.

You can prepare and prevent your vehicle from having this happen again in the future. Preventing a road side flat tire? Yes! There’s a few things that you can do.

Your tires are always in contact with the road so that makes them the most vulnerable to road debris. Be aware of debris and the road – but only swerve to avoid it if you can do so safely. It won’t matter if you protect your tires and then sideswipe a car in another lane because you weren’t paying attention. Sometimes you have a bit of bad luck – like the time I was having a phone interview (with a headset!) for a new job and I got a flat tire on the freeway from a piece of a spike strip that police use to stop vehicles. That was bad luck.

To avoid possible blowouts, you should check your air pressure regularly. Underinflated tires are tires that don’t have enough air pressure. You are more likely to get a flat tire from an underinflated tire than from an overinflated one. They cause more friction and that causes heat. Excess heat can contribute to a blowout. Either way, too much air or too little air can result in you getting a flat tire.

With a little prevention, you can make sure that your tires last you for miles to come! Take a few minutes to check your air pressure and drive safely!

Flat Tire Repair at South Park Service Center in Morgantown, WV
And if you do get a flat tire, not to worry! We can take care of that for you! Give South Park Service Center in Morgantown, WV a call at (304) 292-4390 and we will get you back on the road with our flat tire repair service. We also now offer a tire road hazard warranty. Ask us for more details.


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