How to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

How to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer
There is nothing worse than waiting until the high point of summer to remember your vehicle needs A/C repairs if you live in Morgantown, WV. You just finished attending a local basketball game, you walk to your car, slip inside, and it feels like a sauna! This is because it can be as much as 40-50 degrees hotter in your vehicle than it is outside. The sunlight gets trapped inside and it has nowhere to go.

There are two monsters you have to tackle to keep your automobile cool during the summer. The first is keeping your automobile cool while it is parked. The second is keeping your automobile cool while you are driving. While the first monster takes a little creativity, the second is as simple as taking your vehicle to a shop that offers A/C repairs in Morgantown, WV to get your A/C fixed and/or recharged.

Keeping Your Vehicle Cool While It’s Parked
One method, that is one of the cheaper options, is to leave blankets on the seats when you are not using the car. The blanket is going to shield the cars’ seats from absorbing so much of the sunlight. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to do much for the actual temperature in the car. This is just going to help with the “butt burn”. A second, and costlier option, is to invest in a sunshade to put over the windshield while the car is in park. This will make it impossible for the sun to get into the car. The third, and sometimes impossible option, is to avoid parking in the direct sunlight. If possible, always go for the shaded parking spot.

Keeping Your Vehicle Cool While It Is Moving
Obviously, you can’t use a sunshade while you are driving. You could, however, invest in tinted windows. Just make sure they are legal where you live. The tinted windows will block some of the light from passing through the windows. Keep in mind, 70 percent of light still needs to be able to pass through the window or the vehicle is not legal in the United States.

Contact South Park Service Center for Your Vehicle’s A/C Repair!
The other, and more obvious solution, is to bring your vehicle to a South Park Service Center for A/C repair services to have your A/C fixed and/or charged. Without A/C, you are going to rely on rolling down the windows and hoping you keep moving to keep a breeze going. Contact South Park Service Center today for your vehicle A/C repairs!


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