How To Tell if you Need New Tires

How To Tell if you Need New Tires
Knowing exactly when you need new automotive tires can be somewhat of a guessing game. A lot of factors contribute to the wear and life of your tires such as climate, terrain and your own personal driving habits. Worn down tires can affect stopping time and cause accidents or injuries. Here are some tips to tell when you might need to replace your automotive tires.

  • The Penny Test- The penny test is the most common way of calculating the wear of an automotive tire. Simply hold a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down and stick it between the tread of your tire. If you can clearly see the top of his head then it is time for a new tire. If his head is buried, or is partially buried, than the tire is probably still good.
  • Check the Indicator- Newer sets of automotive tires have tread indicators built in. As the tire wears, the indicators can be seen as little bars that pop up on the tire. If you can clearly see a couple of the tread indicator bars than it is time to have the tire professional checked out.
  • The 5-Year and 10-Year Rules- After 5 years of use you should have your automotive tires check by a mechanic regularly. If you have had the same tires for 10 years than it is time for a new set.
  • Look for Bubbles and Dry Rot- If you notice any spider web like cracks running along the tread and sides of your tire is it time to get them looked at. Dry rot can be fixed in the early stages, but once it advances there is no going back. Bubbles on automotive tires can be caused by an air leak and/or damage. If you see any sort of bubble protruding from your tire get it looked at as soon as possible.
  • If you think you need new tires don’t wait! Driving on unsafe tires can lead to negative consequences. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow it is extra important to keep tires in check. New tires grip the road much better and can improve overall car performance.

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