Why You Should Never Push Off Alignments

When you put off getting an alignment, you’re going to cost yourself more money in the long run. Alignments allow your vehicle to move forward in a straight line, and keep your wheels aligned with the steering column, and make sure all wheels are parallel to each other.

If you fail to get alignment on time, you may notice the following:

  • Poor Handling: Alignments allow your car to move in the proper direction. If your vehicle starts pulling in a different direction and the steering wheel begins to shake, this is a sign that an alignment is needed. Poor handling will not only reduce your overall control of your vehicle, but it can also lead to an accident because the vehicle does not respond appropriately.
  • Tire Wear: The tread on your tires will always wear differently because when you turn, you are inevitably going to wear one side of the tire down more than the other. Strange tread on your tires are normally noticed when one portion of the tire has far more wear than the other. This will normally be on the inside or outside of the tire. This can cause your tires to wear prematurely, and force a premature replacement.
  • Picture this: you’re driving along Morgantown, WV, and you have to swerve quickly to avoid an accident. Due to your misalignment, your vehicle does not respond quickly, and you cause an accident. Misaligned wheels can be dangerous, and your vehicle may veer to one side, causing a collision. Ultimately, wheels that are not aligned will reduce your overall drivability.

    Misaligned vehicles will also cause premature wear of your tires and suspension. Suspension issues occur because of the vibration that a misalignment produces. The suspension system and other parts will begin to wear due to the vibration. The only remedy to fix the problem is to get an alignment immediately.

    Pushing off an alignment will cost you more money in the long run. Aside from being a potential hazard on the road, you’ll need to spend more money on repairs that not only include your alignment, but possibly your tires and your suspension system.

    Never delay an alignment. It is a repair that can be done within just an hour. You should always have your vehicle aligned, and ensure that you have rotated your tires to allow for even tread wear.

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