Signs Your Transmission May Be Going Bad

Without an optimally performing transmission, your vehicle’s reliability in getting you from point A to point B is in question. The transmission is the middle man between the engine and the drivetrain. If your transmission or any related components are failing, the transmissions’ shifting of the power created by your engine to the drivetrain will be delayed, disrupted or even stopped.

At South Park Service Center in Morgantown, WV, we want our clients to avoid the unfortunate situation of facing a sudden transmission failure. Therefore, schedule an immediate transmission service appointment with the transmission experts of South Park Service Center if you notice any of the following 6 signs that your transmission may be going bad and it’s time for a transmission repair:

  • Delayed engagement: When switching gears from park to drive, you may notice a hesitation or delay in your transmission responding to the change in gears.
  • Rough shifting: During instances of acceleration and/or deceleration, your transmission may slam into gear and/or you may experience a jerking sensation.
  • Gear slippage: When your transmission should be shifting to the next gear, your car may feel as if it is suddenly in neutral or it may slip out of gear shortly after getting into the appropriate gear.
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency: If your transmission is in need of repair, your engine will need to compensate for the malfunctioning transmission by working harder, which will result in a significant decrease in fuel efficiency.
  • Check engine light: If a sensor is sending information to your car’s computer that the transmission is malfunctioning, the check engine light will be lit. However, there are other reasons for an illuminated check engine light, such as a bad sensor, faulty spark plugs or wires or failing catalytic converter.
  • Leaks: While transmission fluid leaks are not always indicative of a transmission that is going bad, it absolutely necessitates a visit to the South Park Service Center.
  • Transmission Repair in Morgantown WV
    As the mileage put on a transmission increases, there will be components that require repair or replacement. When you need transmission repair or servicing, the certified technicians of South Park Service Center in Morgantown, WV, can expertly diagnose and repair your vehicle’s transmission to get you back in the driver’s seat. To receive unparalleled service and competitive rates, schedule an appointment today by calling (304) 292-4390. We are committed to earning your repeat business, so contact us today!


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