Common Brake Problems and Solutions

How to Determine If You Need to Call for a Professional Car Repair Service

The brake system plays a crucial role in the safety feature of your vehicle, and because of that, it should be maintained in top condition. The only way you can do this is by bringing your car to a car repair service on a regular basis. However, considering the complexity of the braking system, problems can also occur unexpectedly. The moment your braking system starts malfunctioning, you’re exposed to danger. Knowing the signs of brake failure can help you avoid a rather dangerous situation.

Slow Response
Your braking system must react immediately to your actions. In other words, your car should start slowing down the moment you put your foot on the brake pedal. If this doesn’t happen, then you have a braking problem. In most cases, air in the system is the culprit. As we all know, the braking systems works with braking fluid. The main property of this fluid is that it doesn’t compress. Air, however, can be compressed. So, if air gets inside your braking system, you will notice a delay in the system’s reaction. Have your car inspected by a professional.

If the steering wheel starts vibrating the moment you hit the brakes, then there may be a problem with your brake disks. Due to excessive wear, low-quality brake pads, or extreme driving, the brake disks can get distorted, developing imperfections. These imperfections can cause vibrations in the brake pads, which will transfer to the steering wheel through the steering system. However, there are many other problems that can cause vibrations in the steering wheel, so before you decide to change your brake disks, schedule a visit to your local car repair service shop.

Strange Sounds
If your brake pads are depleted, you will notice a scratching noise coming from your brakes. This noise is usually produced by the friction between the metal parts of the pads and the disks. You must replace the brake pads as soon as possible, otherwise your brake disks may suffer irreparable damage.

Brake Repair Morgantown WV
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