Sign That Your Vehicle Needs Immediate Assistance

Find out If It’s Time to Bring Your Car to an Automotive Repair Center

Every car, be it new or old, requires regular upkeep. Failing to provide regular vehicle maintenance to your vehicle may lead to embarrassing breakdowns or dangerous situations. Unfortunately, many drivers underestimate the importance of proper car maintenance. As a result, their vehicles may experience unexpected breakdowns. Here are a few warning signs that you must contact a reputable automobile repair & service center as soon as possible.

Every time you pull your car from your garage or a parking lot, look for spots of liquid underneath. If you notice a puddle of brown or pink fluid, don’t even start the vehicle until you identify the cause of the issue. Oil leaks can cause severe damage to your car’s engine, while brake fluid leaks pose a threat to your safety. Call an automotive repair center immediately!

Strange Noises
If your vehicle generates a strange noise every time you hit the brakes, it may indicate a problem with your brake pads or rotors. Although you can still drive your vehicle to the nearest repair service, it’s better if you check the brakes yourself in order to be sure that the problem isn’t more severe than originally estimated.

Morgantown Car Repair
If you have problems with your vehicle in Morgantown WV,contact the professionals of South Park Service Center immediately. We offer timely and reliable services at reasonable rates. Our phone is (304) 292-4390.


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